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About me


I am a self-taught passionate Landscape, Travel Photographer from Kharagpur, West Bengal, India, especially capturing the colours and majestic landscapes of the Indian Himalayas. I started taking an interest in photography at the age of 15 and was deeply attached to nature around me. After passing the higher secondary exams, I started travelling in various parts of India. Trekking around the Himalayas is majorly what I am fond of along with capturing the beauty of the Indian terrain. I have been awarded by various National organizations like IIMC, and Delhi. In 2018 I have also been awarded the 3rd Prize in a Landscape Photography competition held by HAIDA Filters India. My work has been featured in several magazines like – Landscape Photography Magazine, Indian Photo Arts Magazine, Hautera Magazine, etc. My willingness for writing and capturing landscapes has resulted in getting his blogs published by Tripoto. My passion for photography drives me to get out and explore the unseen through my lenses. 



Phone: +91-9810754534

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